At TechStarters, it's our goal to help introduce our clients and their business to the world. With today’s rapidly changing technology and digital communication trends, the utilization of an online presence is almost mandatory. So lets walk through some of the basics.

First, why Social Media?
According to, as of November 2015 – 192 million people in the US were using Facebook

  • Social Media is a great way to increase your online presence
  • When people Google your company, they want to see if you’re active on all the SM sites they belong to
  • Social Media helps build brand awareness
  • It’s another network that allows for more exposure & a great way for people to find out about your business
  • Build brand awareness
  • Find new customers
  • People see their friends liking your posts or talking about your business online
  • It’s FREE to sign up for an account!!!

  • Social Media - How to do it right

    When you partner with TechStarters, our staff will go through your current Social Media channels (ie - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and analyze the data you have on them. We will get a baseline to determine what you have, whats working, whats not working and come up with an action plan for success. One of the first steps we will follow is to create a Social Media Channel Plan:

    • List all the Social Media channels which you intend to create accounts
    • Identify the persona (who are you targeting?)
    • What is your goal? (marketing, attract more customers, create a better customer experience, etc etc)
    • What is your primary content type (text, video, pictures)
    • What is the best content type for your industry
    • Tone (playful, sarcastic, informative)
    • Channel integration (how will each channel work with the other channels for maximum impact)

    • Ok, sounds good. So what else?

      We will review previous posts, images, videos, blog articles and determine which ones received more likes / views / shares / etc. After we analyze your past content, we'll come up with a plan to improve posts and help your company's message to be more visible to your customers. Delivering consistent, high quality content and maximizing the value of every post will help you connect with your existing customers as well as bring in new customers.

      Some of our other ideas include:

      • Researching top competitors in your industry and specific fields of business. Afterall, if it's working for them, it may work for you. We will improve the competitor formula and make it work for you.
      • Creating a strategy that is more of a blueprint than a defined map, so that as technology progresses and your company grows, our strategy is flexible enough to easily adapt with the trends, allowing the long-term and stable growth needed for continued success.
      • Bringing your ideas to life in the eyes of the public. We will work with you to spread your message and help make it heard by internet users everywhere. Here at TechStarters, we will be sure to create an online profile that is in accordance with your company’s values and ideals, and will help to maintain that presence. The momentum we create will bring new viistors and help build your business brand.
      • Measuring how well we are doing. Here at TechStarters, our nerds love what we do and are on the cutting edge of the latest technologies. We understand that there are new emerging technologies almost daily that can help grow and improve businesses. Social media is always changing, our software will help monitor and identify trends, as well as your progress on social media by collecting data and making regular adjustments to keep your audience engaged and allow for your continued success and growth as a business.

      Contact us to provide Social Media services for your business and your budget!