Google+ for Business

Google+ for Business is a very useful social media platform, specifically for the benefit of SEO and increasing your business search engine rankings. It is vital to have a Google+ account as it helps tell Google that your business website is social media friendly! Google+ is more than just a social network; it's a strong source of business credibility that connects your organization across Google services such as Google search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube and more.

In fact, Google+ has over 300 million active monthly users. Adding Google+ to your social networks will only benefit and help your business reach more traffic.

Why Google+?

The most important reason to consider using Google+ is that it is owned by Google, and anything with Google's name backing it is really good for business. In fact, here are our top five reasons why Google+ is great for your business:

  • Help promote your business thanks to Google.
  • All of your posts can be indexed into Google Search Engines, improving your SEO.
  • Offers community resources to add to your page such as Google Maps, Youtube, and of course Google.
  • Helps provide ownership over your content thanks to Google.
  • Integrate your brand into Google's Search Algorithm.